Berkley Riverfront Park

Berkley Riverfront Park has numerous picnic tables, lush greenery with more than 300 trees, a two-mile trail featuring period lighting and ample parking. All areas of the park offer great opportunities for leisurely sightseeing, outdoor fitness and fun while enjoying the enveloping views. The park also has bike lockers, racks and a nearby B-cycle rental station located at 3rd and Grand Blvd.

Sand Volleyball Courts

Berkley Riverfront features 6 sand volleyball courts on the eastern edge of the park near the Kit Bond Bridge. Port KC teamed up with KC Crew to build the courts to meet demand for more recreational space near downtown Kansas City. The courts are available to the public and for special events when not in use by KC Crew’s volleyball leagues.


Riverfront Heritage Trail

riverfront_heritage_trail-300x199The Riverfront Heritage Trail is a system of bicycle and pedestrian paths designated throughout the urban core of Kansas City for scenic and recreational use that connect residential, commercial and retail activities and destinations along the bi-state Kansas City urban riverfront.

In the Port KC-controlled portion of the trail, visitors can access the Missouri River, look out over an urban archeological park at the original Town of Kansas river settlement, meander through a Wetlands Restoration area, and enjoy all the amenities of Berkley Riverfront Park.

This trail system links the central business district of Kansas City, Missouri, the River Market and Richard L Berkley Riverfront Park to Quality Hill, the Westside, the West Bottoms, Strawberry Hill and downtown Kansas City, Kansas.

The Riverfront Heritage Trail has expanded the notion of art in public places by installing pieces as part of its mission of urban design. The trail has created a self-sufficient alternative system of transportation for this urban area, which creates a measurable contribution to regional air quality.

Wetlands Ecosystem

This ecosystem project, accomplished in coordination with the Army Corps of Engineers, is composed of wetland restoration featuring native trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflower re-vegetation.

Well water from a local aquifer provides supplemental water supply for the central wetland. Compatible recreational elements are also part of the project, including walkways, benches and interpretive displays.

The ecosystem includes 0.2 acres of emergent wetlands, 1.3 acres of bottomland hardwood trees and shrubs, 3 acres of native grasslands and forbs, plus preservation of 0.2 acres of existing trees.

Town of Kansas Bridge

TOK EntranceThe Town of Kansas Pedestrian Bridge links the River Market to the downtown Kansas City Riverfront, marking the realization of a vital component in the revitalization concept developed by Port KC and the city of Kansas City, MO.

This 650-foot long bridge, constructed in 2004, provides a bicycle and pedestrian link between the north end of Main Street and the original birthplace of the city on the banks of the Missouri River. Spanning the Town of Kansas archaeological site, two railroads and the Missouri River floodwall, the bridge serves as a critical connection between the surrounding community and the many amenities along the river.

The northern terminus of the bridge is located within the footprint of the old Municipal Wharf. In 2009, the existing structure underwent streetscaping enhancements to increase the ease of use for patrons.

ASB Underpass

IMG_5603_smallThe BNSF’s ASB Bridge created a barrier to the bi-state Riverfront Heritage Trail system with segments of the trail on both sides of the bridge. BNIM and Taliaferro & Browne developed plans to skirt the bridge by building a flood-proof concrete bicycle/pedestrian trail under the bridge on the “wet-side” of the Missouri River levee.

Funding for the estimated $2.2 million project came from $700,000 of MoDOT funds and the balance from Missouri Department of Economic Development Transportation Tax Credits that were purchased by Ameristar Casino.

Kissick Construction completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget in January 2010.